Sailing is an instructive sport that provides fast and tactical thinking, reading the conditions and evaluating the possibilities as well as the pleasure it gives. It helps to develop these skills as it requires synchronous and fast working as a team.

During the training, you can learn advanced sailing trims, the use of gennaker&spinnaker, boat rigging settings, planning the shortest route to the destination, and wind types. You can get the training by establishing the group you want to be an individual or teammate.

There is numerous sailing race in Turkey and in the world are holding. You can participate in these races individually or institutionally. You can participate in the races either with a professional coach as a team or individual with our professional team.

You can be a licensed athlete by filling the weekends with a pleasant and social activity in these training you will receive from our actively competing team. With the award ceremonies and activities organized after the races, you can improve your social environment and experience the happiness of winning.


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