Gocek is one of the sheltered places in Turkey because of favorable weather conditions and most convenient bays to sail. This route is recommended for people who will be a holiday on the boat for the first time.


COORDINATES 36°45’11.00″ N – 28°56’8.00″ E

Göcek town is in the northern corner. Town settlements lie at the foot of Toros Mountains.Göcek has become one the most attractive boating spots in Turkey. Most provisions are available in the town. Entry-exit formalities can be carried out.There are several areas to anchor in Göcek harbour, off the piers and there are no obstacles in the fairway on approaching the port zone. Boats can be anchored off and swing in the port zone. Care is needed for the shallow patches at the head of a stream, coming out between Municipality Marina and Port Göcek Marina. Port zone is always loaded with boats, they constantly churn in and out. Keep a close watch on your anchoring position and check the swing room to avoid to be on the cruise line.


COORDINATES 36°42’41.28″ N – 28°53’45.16″ E  

Boynuzbükü is a large bay on the west of Küçük Yılanlı Islet, indenting to the west and ends with a wide greenary layout. A stream on south comes into the sea. This side is shallow and marshy. The norhern and southern slopes are covered by pine trees. Finger points extend from both shores and there are10-20 m depths. You can tuck yourself in with a line ashore. The depth in the bight on NW is shallower.  These anchorages provide adequate shelter in prevailing winds. There is a nice restaurant ashore with a T-pier where you can go stern-to and get water. 220V electricty support is made to the boats when necessary. There is 3m depth at the head. Berthing capacity of the pier is up to 20 boats. 


COORDINATES 36°38’45”N – 28°51’75”E

A demolished bath lends a special atmosphere to this cove. According to legend, it was built by the ruler of the ancient settlements on the slope. The eastern shore is deep. Gulets anchor in 20m and take a line ashore.This cove gets crowded by tripper boats and they constantly churn in and out.  The western side is the best to be tucked up. The settings are very attractive. If you climb the hill, you can see Port Gökgemile and open sea.


COORDINATES 36°38’39.47″ N – 28°53’37.52″ E

Göbün Koyu cannot easily be identified from a distance. You will spot the bay only as pass the opening, which is between sheer cliffs. Larger boats cannot enter this cove as there is little space for maneuvering. There is 5 to 7m depth and the bottom is sand. The western side is shallow. There are underwater demolished walls from the ancient settlements. There is a low quay on starboard where there is room for a few yatchs. Boats can anchor in the middle and take a line to this quay. There are floating moorings of the restaurant. A quay of the restaurant has berthing capacity up to 40 boats. The area near by the head of the quay is rocky. It is best to go bows-to it to secure your rudder though long passarellas are provided by restaurant.