You can see beautiful landscapes on this route between Göcek and Symi and get new experiences. This route is recommended for people who are quite experienced in boat holiday talk, as it includes long cruises, strait crossings, paperwork & documentation procedures and different mooring variations.



COORDINATES 36°45’11.00″ N – 28°56’8.00″ E  

Göcek town is in the northern corner. Town settlements lie at the foot of Toros Mountains.Göcek has become one the most attractive boating spots in Turkey. Most provisions are available in the town. Entry-exit formalities can be carried out.There are several areas to anchor in Göcek harbour, off the piers and there are no obstucles in the fairway on approaching to port zone. Boats can be anchored off and swing in the port zone. Care is needed for the shallow patches at the head of a stream, coming out between Municipality Marina and Port Göcek Marina. Port zone is always loaded with boats, they constantly churn in and out. Keep close watch on your anchoring position and check the swing room to avoid to be on the cruise line.


COORDINATES  36 ˚. 27.013′N – 028 ˚. 13.069 E


Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese, an island which is ideal not only for those who want to relax but also for those looking for an action-packed holiday! With its bright green hills, rich green valleys and uninterrupted line of golden beaches, Rhodes is truly a blessed place. Add in the excellent facilities for tourism, the island’s special blend of cosmopolitan and traditional, and numerous cultural and archaeological sites and you’ve got the perfect holiday destination.



COORDINATES 49°30’00″N – 123°30’00″W

While approaching the port of Symi, one has the overwhelming feeling of entering a perfectly painted image of a scenic traditional village. As a rule, people remain agape and cannot take their eyes off the spectacular sight.The few who can resist the superb spectacle of the town of Symi stretching its impeccable architecture – all of the buildings there have been listed – on the slopes of the surrounding hills, take off their eyes to look at their book guides. They see the picture of the port of Symi printed on their books. They know it might have been photoshoped; in all likelihood, they expected it to be better than the real thing. Still, when they lift their eyes again to marvel at the breathtaking sight, they realise it belies their expectations: Symi is more than words or photos can say!


COORDINATES 36°49’5.82″ N – 28°33’25.90″ 

Ekincik Bay is on the north shore of Port Köyceğiz.  The shore line is a sandy beach. The anchorage on the north of the pier is adequate to be tucked up. Boats can be anchored off in 5-10m. The bottom is sand-weed. It affords sheltering from the northerlies.There is a long pier on NW corner.Water and electricty connections are available. A fee is charged. Provisions are available from the grocery shops in the village.Fuel can be supplied from truck-tanker, it comes from Koycegiz (35 km). The SE corner of the bay, Mine Pier Bay; provides adequate shelter. Boats anchor in the S and take a line ashore.  A wooden pier on the east, belongs to a restaurant. There are laid moorings tailed on pier. Water and electricty connections are available. 


COORDINATES 36°41’44.17″ N – 28°52’2.58″ E

Taşkaya Cove lies on NE of Taşkaya Islet. Taşkaya is a popular destination in Göcek.There are number anchorages in this large bay. Depths are 10-15m. Boats drop anchor and take a line ashore. A bight next to jetty and NW corner are adeqaute anchorages. The water is very clear and the surroundings are wonderful.

A low finger on the NW corner with Lycian ruins extends and features pretty beach where you can anchor or go stern-to the T-pier of the restaurant among pine and oleander trees. This pier has berthing capacity up to 25 boats. 


COORDINATES 36°36’52.00″ N – 29°3’15.00″ E

Turunç Pınarı is on SE corner of Point; Şahin Burnu on E shore of the Gulf Fethiye. Pine trees line the shore. There is clear turquoise water, and ends in a sandy beach.A cozy restaurant is hidden under attractive surroundings. There is a pier of the restaurant with berthing capacity up to 15 boats.There are laid moorings tailed on pier. Water is available and some provisions can be found from the restaurant.There is tasty spring water under a walnut tree on the hillside.The western shoreline provides good shelter from the prevailing wind. Boats drop anchor off the beach in 20-25m and take a line ashore. Ease your chain longer, but keep some distance off the shore. There are sea-level rocks in the vicinity, but they are easily spotted.