We aim to develop leadership, teamwork and practical thinking skills with the Motivation Programs we carry out at companies. After the collective trainings that we perform in companies, you can experience the be on the boat with your employees or colleagues who wants to be on the sea.

You can make your meetings much more pleasant and efficient on the boat with your employees who learn handling a boat and reach the captainship level. Thanks to the pleasure and the happiness of being on the sea, the sense of belonging and working performance of your crew will incrementally increase.

Sailing can be an excellent team building activity as it implies great communication, fast decision making and effective team behaviours. Sailing facilitates strategic planning and enhances problem solving skills. Maximizing a sailboat’s performance is remarkably similar to maximizing a company’s performance

Sailing is great opportunity to get away from the daily routine and developing excellent interactions as a team. Besides, it is a very team-oriented sport and it improves communication, collaboration and developing leadership capabilities. This can be extremely beneficial, improving work atmosphere, decision effectiveness, communication and motivation.

Sailing can be compared to any working experience: you might be finding a sunny pleasant journey or a more troubled and adventurous one. The multiple challenges you will face while doing a sail, and the fact that the team is facing them together, is a factor that strengthens bonds and trust.


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